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Improve planning and execution of maintenance to keep facilities and workplaces safe, functional, and productive for occupants. Track the location, status, and condition of critical building systems and mobile assets throughout your facilities. Enable incident reporting and service requests to specific locations. Offer dynamic insights into the bigger picture of user requests and necessary repairs.

Quickly find assets

Save time and money by giving your employees, IT, and facilities workers an indoor map to find fixed placed assets within the complexity of your organization's indoor space. 

Real-time tracking of people and assets

Track movement of key security or field personnel indoors. Integrate IoT systems to understand real-time location and conditions of high value assets to quickly find, use, or repair. 

Crowdsource facility issue reporting

Improve the upkeep of your facilities and the satisfaction of its occupants by enabling them to report issues and their exact location.

Monitor service needs

Know the state of your facilities and assets to support maintenance and capital improvement spending decisions.

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