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ArcGIS Indoors enables you to visualize location data and your people, places, and things on a digital 2D or 3D floor-aware indoor map. Combine all your indoor information into an easy-to-access indoor map to help better support workplace operations and decision-making.

Consolidate building floor plans

Bring together floor plan data from disparate CAD and building information modeling (BIM) sources into a singular information model for simplified management, maintenance, and space accounting. 

Create 2D and 3D indoor maps

Convert your CAD and BIM floor plans into floor-aware 2D and 3D indoor maps that are easily shared and accessible.

Publish indoor mapping apps

Configure and deploy floor-aware mapping web applications in support of operations planning, safety and security, asset tracking, and more.

Develop custom indoor apps

Using our APIs, build focused indoor mapping applications that serve a specific organizational need or integrate with external business systems.

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