Combine all your floor plan data in ArcGIS Indoors to create a digital twin of your facilities. Build 2D and 3D floor-aware maps that illustrate the location of people, places, and things. ArcGIS Indoors also gives you the option to build custom desktop, web, and native mobile applications that leverage your indoor maps, helping better support workplace operations and decision-making.

Consolidate building floor plans

Bring together floor plans from disparate CAD, BIM, and building scan sources into a singular information model for simplified management, maintenance, and space accounting. 

Four digital indoor maps, each showing a different layer of information in the same indoor space

Create 2D and 3D indoor maps

Convert your CAD, BIM floor plans, and building scans into floor-aware 2D and 3D indoor maps that are easily shared and accessible.

A 3D indoor map showing three different floors on a building, with the top layer showing offices and work spaces

Publish indoor mapping apps

Configure and deploy floor-aware mapping web applications in support of operations planning, safety and security, asset tracking, and more.

Icons that represent a desktop, server, smart phone, and web connected to a central cloud graphic

Develop custom indoor apps

Using Esri’s APIs, build a focused indoor mapping application that serves a specific organizational need or integrate the app with external business systems. 

A desktop displaying ArcGIS API for Javascript and the FloorFilter widget showing a digital indoor map

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