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Consolidate indoor data and create indoor maps

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Woman wearing glasses working on a laptop next to a digital indoor map with blue and orange circles

ArcGIS Indoors Pro extends the capabilities of ArcGIS Pro to create floor-aware indoor maps to support the construction of an indoor digital twin. It empowers GIS professionals to become indoor map makers. Indoors Pro transforms CAD, BIM and other forms of floorplan data into an indoor system of record, a single accessible place that can be used to support asset mapping, safety, security, and event planning. Indoor maps built in Indoors Pro can be further used in wayfinding and space management workflows supported by our other license levels in the ArcGIS Indoors product suite, ArcGIS Indoors Maps and ArcGIS Indoors Spaces.

All your indoor data in one place

ArcGIS Indoors Pro supports combining your source CAD and BIM data into a single geospatial system of record. See all your indoor data, spaces, and assets in a single, easily accessible place.

Indoor map of a convention center in the ArcGIS Indoors Viewer next to a popup window of a meeting space and text

Make indoor maps

ArcGIS Indoors Pro allows for all of your uploaded indoor data to be converted to geographic information system (GIS) data and used to create floor-aware indoor maps. These maps can be used to support asset mapping, safety, security, and event planning. Publish your indoor maps in ArcGIS Online for use in ArcGIS Indoors Maps and ArcGIS Indoors Spaces.

Indoor map of a large convention center with multiple squares showing the various spaces within the building

Build routable networks

Not only are indoor maps built with ArcGIS Pro floor-aware, but they support indoor navigation. ArcGIS Indoors Pro includes tools to automatically generate routable networks from floor plans to support real-time indoor navigation.

Indoor map of an office building with orange routing networks showing possible navigation routes

Create an indoor digital twin

ArcGIS Indoors Pro lets users build a real-world representation of interior spaces. All assets, office assignments, amenities, mobile workers, and more, are easily visualized with indoor maps built with ArcGIS Indoors Pro. Having all data in one place provides decision-makers with crucial location intelligence to inform operations. 

3D indoor map of a large office building with square offices and a circular atrium at the center of the map

ArcGIS Pro

ArcGIS Pro, the powerful single desktop GIS software, supports data visualization, advanced analysis, and authoritative data maintenance in 2D, 3D, and 4D. It supports data sharing across a suite of ArcGIS products such as ArcGIS Online and ArcGIS Enterprise and lets users work across the ArcGIS system through Web GIS. Discover the full spectrum of tools and capabilities within ArcGIS Pro today. 

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