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Two men walking and looking at a laptop next to an indoor map illustration with blue buildings and orange GPS arrows

Take control of space management and workspace reservations with ArcGIS Indoors Spaces. Use ArcGIS Indoors Spaces to define, allocate, and assign space within your buildings. Easily maximize your space usage, plan staff moves, and honor health requirements to support a safe and comfortable workspace with simple-to-use space management and hoteling software. ArcGIS Indoors Spaces also enables users to make workspace reservations via the Indoors Viewer and Indoors Mobile applications. Give employees the flexibility to work in the space that best suits their needs and support a productive and collaborative workplace.

What do you get?

With ArcGIS Indoors Spaces, you get the complete indoor mapping experience for indoor wayfinding, space management, and space reservations with web and native mobile apps.


Space allocation

Improve your organizational communication, coordination, and collaboration by defining where teams work and what spaces they are allocated. Give teams access to building assets such as collaboration spaces, conference rooms, equipment, and amenities.

A 2D indoor map with offices highlighted in blue and gray squares in ArcGIS Indoors Spaces with a white box with text

Optimize space use

Consolidate and reassign or get rid of unused space. Conserve valuable office space with office hoteling to increase the employee-to-office space ratio for those working from home or not in the office full-time. Optimize facility managers' maintenance and cleaning schedules depending on when and how often spaces are used.

A dashboard showing metrics including numerical data and an aerial view of a digital map with buildings and green trees

Employee and equipment moves

Plan, coordinate, and review office assignment changes when workspace reorganization is needed, when new indoor spaces are acquired, or as available space is reduced. Quickly visualize all your indoor spaces and assets on an indoor map to have a complete understanding and create a course of action for relocating offices and equipment.

Office equipment including two chairs, 2 monitors, 2 filing cabinets and several packed boxes

Meeting room reservations

Promote collaboration and high productivity levels with real-time meeting room availability and easily discoverable reservations. Allow your occupants to see where space is located, when it is available, and what amenities and equipment are available nearby.  

A mobile phone screen with a popup window saying booking confirmed in ArcGIS Indoors Spaces

Office hoteling

Sometimes individual or groups of employees are visiting your workplace and need to have space assigned to them ahead of time so that they know they will have a workspace to suit their needs. ArcGIS Indoors Spaces hoteling software allows for the creation of office hotels, a cluster of workspaces that can be reserved and assigned in advance for an extended amount of time.

An indoor map of a building with offices designated in squares and a popup window with text that says hotel requirements

Hybrid workplace

The hybrid workplace has quickly become the new normal. Employees have adapted to dividing their time between working from home and in the office, and organizations need to have the flexibility to support this new standard of work. Executives need to have a complete overview of what space is available. Employees and visitors need to know that a space will be available to them to get their job done effectively when in the office with close enough proximity to colleagues, amenities, and equipment.

A side by side image of a man working in an office and a woman working from a home office

Navigate in real time with ArcGIS IPS

ArcGIS IPS is Esri’s indoor positioning system that allows you to locate yourself and others inside a building in real time. Similar to GPS, it puts a blue dot on indoor maps and uses location services to help you navigate to any point of interest or destination. Real-time indoor navigation and location sharing  empowers customers, visitors, and contractors to navigate and understand their indoor environment more effectively. 

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