ArcGIS Indoors is a complete indoor mapping system for smart building management. It organizes computer-aided design (CAD), building information modeling (BIM), site scans, and operational datasets into floor-aware indoor maps to support facilities, workplace, operations, and maintenance applications and use cases. Executives, supervisors, mobile staff, and employees can better understand, maintain, and operate workplace environments with ArcGIS Indoors.

Create, curate and share indoor maps and apps

Support facilities, workplace, operations, and maintenance workflows across your organization with indoor maps and apps.

ArcGIS Indoors displayed on a desktop, tablet, and smart phone
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How ArcGIS Indoors works

A primary desktop connected by dotted lines to laptops and mobile devices displaying various indoor maps in ArcGIS Indoors

Create indoor maps

Combine your disparate CAD and/or BIM files and all facility and asset information to create floor-aware indoor maps, for occupants and visitors.

Share across your organization

Create shareable 2D and 3D indoor maps for use by anyone in your organization, including visitors to your workplace.

Empower the workforce

Empower employees with indoor maps and apps to locate amenities, find and book available workspace, navigate building, and report service issues.

User Story

Raleigh Water

Raleigh Water enables a vertical asset management program using ArcGIS Indoors to generate 2D and 3D representations of their interior spaces.

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