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Desktop screen showing 3D indoor map of office building next to a mobile phone showing 2D indoor map of office building

ArcGIS Indoors enables your organization to build an indoor geographic information system (GIS) and put the power of indoor mapping, wayfinding, and space management software into everyone’s hands. With three license levels available, ArcGIS Indoors Pro, Indoors Maps, and Indoors Spaces, your organization can consolidate your asset and space information into a single place, the indoor map, and provide easily accessible web and mobile apps, for location discovery, wayfinding, room reservations, and space planning.

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Unlock the full power of GIS inside your facilities to transform your facilities management, building interaction, and space use.

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Benefits of ArcGIS Indoors

Your indoor data in one place

Combine your source CAD and BIM data into a single geospatial system of record using ArcGIS Indoors. Visualize all your indoor data within a digital indoor map. See points of interest, meeting rooms, assets and equipment, and space usage.

Man sitting at a desk and looking at an indoor map with data points on a desktop monitor

Faster service delivery

Assets and equipment need regular maintenance, and indoor mapping and wayfinding software in the hands of IT, facilities, and security personnel helps them save precious minutes in responding to work orders, knowing exactly where and how to get to their work. Those minutes add up to countless hours and cost savings.

Maintenance worker holding a mobile phone showing an indoor map

Build a safer workplace

With a shared map, leaders can have the same knowledge that their teams have, at any time. If there's a maintenance or security issue, they'll know right away. They don't need to wait for staff to find paper blueprints or convey status information. In turn, they can make fast decisions to avoid work disruptions and keep employees and visitors safe.

Man and woman looking at desktop screen of an indoor mapping dashboard to monitor building status

Plan and manage your space

ArcGIS Indoors space planning software allows leaders to plan and manage space more efficiently. With visual mapping tools, organizations can consolidate unused space to reduced leased square footage or reallocate it to business units that can maximize the space asset to better serve their mission. Organizations can also plan the use of new space needed for growth and expansion.

Person working from home on a laptop using ArcGIS Indoors to review space usage on an indoor map

Enable a hybrid workplace

The hybrid workplace has rapidly become the new norm, and employees and visitors need to know they have the space, equipment, and amenities they need; where to find them; and how to get them on days they are at work. With ArcGIS Indoors, occupants can reserve meeting rooms or be assigned a workspace, which allows for high levels of productivity and collaboration when in the office.

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How ArcGIS Indoors works

Desktop screen showing indoor map built in ArcGIS Indoors Pro next to a mobile phone showing a digital map in ArcGIS Indoors mobile

Build an indoor system of record

ArcGIS Indoors Pro allows you to combine your disparate indoor data into a geospatial system of record.

Create digital, easy-to-navigate indoor maps

With the single source of indoor data, create intuitive and easily understood floor-aware indoor maps that highlight people, places, and assets.

Put indoor maps into everyone's hands

Give everyone access to indoor maps with ArcGIS Indoors Mobile. Empower space planners with space management maps for use in the Space Planner app.

Inform operations and decision-making

ArcGIS Indoors provides complete situational awareness of your space, giving operations staff and decision-makers crucial location intelligence.

ArcGIS Indoors Pro

ArcGIS Indoors Pro is an extension for ArcGIS Pro that provides tools for combining various indoor datasets and creating and sharing floor-aware, indoor maps.

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Woman wearing glasses working on a laptop with an inset digital illustration of an indoor map with blue and orange circles

ArcGIS Indoors Maps

ArcGIS Indoors Maps allows you to put your indoor maps into everyone’s hands in your organization. The Indoors Viewer and Kiosk web apps, along with Indoors Mobile, enable location discovery and wayfinding, with real-time navigation possible with the addition of ArcGIS IPS. 

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Woman using a tablet next to an indoor map illustration showing a route highlighted in orange and blue buildings

ArcGIS Indoors Spaces

ArcGIS Indoors Spaces extends the capabilities of ArcGIS Indoors Maps with space management software. With the Indoors Space Planner web app, understand how space is used, assign or reassign space, and enable space reservations and office hoteling. 

Learn more about Indoor Spaces
Two men walking and looking at a laptop next to an illustration of an indoor map with orange GPS arrows and blue buildings

Enhance your existing GIS

ArcGIS Indoors is delivered on-premises through ArcGIS Enterprise or on the web via ArcGIS Online. It is easier than ever to extend your existing GIS to be Indoors enabled.

ArcGIS Survey123

ArcGIS Survey123

Service requests can be submitted through ArcGIS Survey123 to let facilities or IT know exactly where work is needed.

Learn more about Survey123


ArcGIS IPS is Esri's own indoor positioning system. It enables real-time navigation and location sharing represented by the blue dot on an indoor map.

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ArcGIS Field Maps

ArcGIS Field Maps

ArcGIS Field Maps can use indoor maps to help field workers perform data collection and inspections, update asset status, and edit geographic data, all on a mobile device.

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Case study

US Air Force

The Mountain Home Air Force Base engineering team uses ArcGIS Indoors to visualize indoor spaces, navigate the base, and optimize space management.

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