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ArcGIS Indoors is a complete indoor mapping system for smart building management. Through an extended version of ArcGIS Pro, native web and mobile applications, and an indoor information model, ArcGIS Indoors provides a common operating picture for executives, workplace services personnel, and other employees and visitors to understand, manage, and use their workplace environment.

Enable, engage, and empower your workplace

Evaluate your business activities within the workplace environment, enabling a more comfortable, confident, and collaborative workforce.

How ArcGIS Indoors Works for Your Organization

Indoor mapping

ArcGIS Indoors enables you to visualize location data, your people, places, and things, on a digital 2D or 3D floor-aware workplace map.

Indoor wayfinding

Improve on-site mobility by providing indoor resource exploration and navigation to employees, contractors, and even visitors.

Indoor analytics

Capture real-time indoor location information for easy navigation and for resource monitoring, allocation, and management.

Build an indoor GIS

ArcGIS Indoors is designed to work with other parts of the ArcGIS platform, so you can extend the capability to natively leverage other aspects of ArcGIS, the world’s leading mapping and spatial analytics platform. Powered by ArcGIS Enterprise and portal, ArcGIS Indoors can be accessed and used for visualization and analysis with applications such as:

  • ArcGIS Operations Dashboard: visualization and monitoring of the workplace in real time
  • ArcGIS GeoEvent Server: Real-time streaming and analytics of workplace data.
  • ArcGIS field operations apps, including Survey123 for workplace 311 requests

Indoor Positioning System (IPS)

Experience indoor positioning with the same level of comfort you are used to outdoors.

ArcGIS Indoors makes real-time wayfinding, analytical location data, and tracking services available inside buildings. ArcGIS Indoors does this by providing floor-aware 3D maps and focused apps to support a variety of workplace and facility users, including owner/operators, maintenance and service personnel, security staff, employees, and visitors. The system is being built to support multiple existing IPS providers.

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