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ArcGIS Maritime Desktop Extension

Authoritative electronic and paper nautical chart production

Vector map of Florida and electronic navigational charts

Modernize your production and maintain IHO S-57, S-100, and S-4 standards-compliant nautical charts faster with fully automated tools. In addition, meet emerging requirements beyond navigational purposes, like appropriate sharing of your content for ocean and coastal science, by creating and managing authoritative nautical information products and services. Simply ingest Electronic Navigational Chart (ENC) data and expose the rich content within for a wide variety of GIS purposes, including planning, analysis, and information dissemination.

Optimize nautical chart production

Reduce risks with consistent and traceable workflows. Using a data-first strategy, prevent work repetition and data loss caused by duplicated efforts for electronic and paper production. Save money by automating time-consuming tasks.

Vector chart with data

Ensure IHO compliance

Quality control is enforced through International Hydrographic Organization (IHO) S-58 validation checks as well as automated third-party tool validation. Supported products include S-57 (ENC, IENC, and AML).

IHO S-58 validation results including data, navigation routes in red, and a checklist

Extend your team

In-house and off-site production can easily and securely happen in parallel. Share subsets of your data with subcontractors and easily integrate the results of their work. With the option to work in a disconnected environment, subcontractors don't need to have direct access to your authoritative database.

Maritime worker next to large vessel and man at computer

Maximize the value of ENC data

Electronic Navigational Charts (ENCs) are more than navigation charts; they contain authoritative geospatial information that can be shared as web services. Examples include visualization and analysis for survey planning, coastline analysis, and engineering. ENCs can also be used as basemap images to give visual context for situational awareness.

Vector chart and two men in white Navy uniform

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