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ArcGIS Navigator is a professional mobile navigation app that provides turn-by-turn, voice-guided directions on mobile devices running on Android and iOS. Drivers can use the maps included in Navigator or follow routes on custom maps. Explore pricing and licensing options or speak to an Esri representative for support.

Complex navigation made simple

ArcGIS Navigator is a premium app that can be added to any ArcGIS user type.

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Frequently asked questions

Using the ArcGIS Navigator mobile app for vehicle navigation and routing capabilities can be achieved by adding it to any ArcGIS user type. To create custom maps for use in ArcGIS, one of the following user types is required: Creator, Professional, or Professional Plus. Each of these user types includes ArcGIS Pro. Additionally, StreetMap Premium, StreetMap Premium Custom Roads, and the Network Analyst Extension are available as add-ons to these user types. The Professional Plus user type already includes the Network Analyst Extension. The specific products you need will depend on your unique needs. An Esri Sales representative can help you determine how best to meet your needs.

Pair these with ArcGIS Navigator

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ArcGIS StreetMap Premium

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StreetMap Premium

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ArcGIS Network Analyst*

Included with Professional Plus


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Create maps for offline use

Includes StreetMap Premium roads

IncludedNot includedNot included

Create maps for offline use

That combine StreetMap Premium roads with your own roads

Not includedIncludedAdd this to your own data

Create routes with custom travel modes

Supports conditions such as toll roads, overpass heights, and more.

Not includedAdd this to start with Esri’s dataIncluded

*The Network Analyst Extension is included with the ArcGIS Professional Plus type but can also be added to the Creator and Professional user types.

You can add additional user types at any time. If you need to enable existing users with Navigator, you can purchase Navigator as a premium app add-on for any ArcGIS user type. If you want users to have navigation plus robust capabilities, such as using multiple field data collection tools and managing their work assignments from their mobile devices, add Navigator to the Mobile Worker user type.

User types can be reassigned to someone else in your organization, including the user type to which Navigator has been added. User types cannot be shared; they are individually assigned to a single user. The term is fixed and not impacted by a change in named user assignment, and there is no cost associated with reassigning a user type license within your organization.

Yes. For each contractor you want to provision with Navigator, you can purchase Navigator plus a user type. The user type will reside in your ArcGIS organization, from which they can be managed and assigned to your contractors. You can select the user type that best aligns with the scope of work the contractors need to perform.

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