ArcGIS Pipeline Referencing provides industry-specific linear referencing data management for gas and hazardous liquids pipelines. It supports route and event loading tools, route and event editing, geoprocessing tools, and web services. 

Superior linear referencing
Multiple industries

Natural gas and hazardous liquids
Information model

Core structure for linear referencing data
2D and 3D support

X, Y, and Z analysis and visualization
Route management

Pipeline data management
Event management

Point and linear event management
Dynamic segmentation

See multiple sets of attributes for one location

How it works

ArcGIS Pipeline Referencing enables industry-specific functionality to manage and locate specific pipeline assets on or around pipe networks. The extension uses linear referencing as the method of location finding.



Data management solution improves operations

Crestwood uses ArcGIS Pipeline Referencing to efficiently edit and maintain pipeline assets.

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