Did you know that location is a common characteristic that can be used to connect your existing data with Esri's authoritative datasets? You can join your existing customer database with global demographic, behavioral, and places data to obtain additional geographic context and insights. Utilize our data enrichment tools to generate infographics and reports to achieve a holistic view of your target markets.

Join data by location

Get facts about a location, geographic boundaries, and areas of interest. Answer questions such as What are the relevant characteristics and lifestyles of the people that live here? What do people like to do in this area? What kind of businesses are in this area? 

Gray map with areas highlighted in blue and pop-up box showing sales figures

Query rich global data

Contextualize your data with rich information about people and places. Connect to Esri's extensive global data portfolio to integrate global demographics, business, behavioral, environmental, and places datasets into your applications and systems.

Computer monitor showing street map and areas highlighted in purple and red

Enrich your data to uncover additional information

Circular map with hexagons highlighting different areas and an inset street map

Select a dataset of interest

Discover a global portfolio of rich authoritative datasets to meet your data enrichment needs.

Join data based on location

Query information about the people, places, and businesses within your areas of interest.

Generate actionable information

Create shareable reports, infographics, and authoritative data tables that can be used in applications, analysis, and visualizations.

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