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Routing and Directions

Find routes, directions, and perform intelligent network analysis

An aerial view of a busy highway with cars merging into traffic overlaid with a circular image of a map with a location pinned in Los Angeles

Find the most efficient routes to your destinations to reduce time and costs. Generate turn-by-turn directions to always stay on course. Manage your fleet of vehicles. Perform intelligent network analysis for efficient route planning to maximize productivity.


Plan your operations

Optimized routes for the real world

Find the quickest or shortest route with two or more stops. Take into account real-world constraints such as traffic feeds, U-turns, road barriers, incidents, maximum permitted vehicle height, and many more.

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Learn about synchronous routes
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Route multiple vehicles

Given a set of work locations and a fleet of vehicles, determine what stops should be serviced by each route and in what sequence the stops should be visited. Minimize the overall operating cost for the entire fleet while considering real-world constraints.

Route multiple vehicles
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