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Voxel layers

Voxel functionality allows you to visualize 3D data grids with billions of voxel cubes while leveraging data filtering, symbology control customized for 3D data visualization, time animations, and other interactive exploration features. From visualizing climate change modalities, marine ecosystems, geological phenomena to creating a time-series of the digital divide and environmental and social justice metrics, this format of visualization can help convey critical information.

Python Notebooks

ArcGIS Notebooks, Esri's spatially optimized Jupyter environment, is integrated and easily accessible within ArcGIS Pro. It's a great workspace option for users who want to learn and practice with Python, do data engineering and transformation, perform statistical modeling, and develop machine learning and deep learning apps. ArcGIS Notebooks allows users to create, edit, and save notebooks as part of an ArcGIS Pro project rather than having part of an analysis within ArcGIS Pro and another part of it in a separate Jupyter environment. Users can also work seamlessly in notebooks and the ArcGIS Pro user interface by moving data and results back and forth between the two.

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Trace network

Trace network is the main component users work with to visualize, manage, and analyze simple connectivity models, such as rail and hydro, in ArcGIS Pro. The trace network uses a set of connected edges, junctions, or both in conjunction with network attributes (also known as network weights) to model the flow of resources through the network.

Parcel fabric

The parcel fabric provides a comprehensive framework for managing, editing, and sharing 2D and 3D parcel data in ArcGIS Pro. Work with 4D parcel data in a multiuser environment, and the parcel fabric can be edited and maintained using a services-based architecture. A services-based architecture allows you to share the parcel fabric across all platforms (desktop, mobile, and web), and different workflows can be enabled for different clients in the field and in the office.

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