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Cartography and Design

Meet today's cartographic and design standards

Design beautiful maps

ArcGIS Pro offers a massive set of geoprocessing and analytical tools for mapmakers, but the visualization capabilities that help communicate analysis are equally impressive. The 2D and 3D realms, deep thematic resources, intelligent labeling engine, vast layout and export options, and almost countless custom symbol creation tools are just some of the features that will inspire and enable the maker within each mapmaker.

Cartography toolbox

The Cartography toolbox is designed to produce and refine data to support the production of maps. This includes the creation of maps, the simplification and aggregation of features, and the reduction of their density. Tools for the creation of a map series are also included.

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Adobe Illustrator export

Oftentimes, mapmakers are looking to enhance their GIS-made map products using a graphic software like Adobe Illustrator. For these users, the Adobe Illustrator Exchange (AIX) export format in ArcGIS Pro provides a seamless pathway to convert map data into graphic artwork for further aesthetic design. ArcGIS Maps for Adobe Creative Cloud, Esri's ArcGIS plug-in for Illustrator, converts raster and vector data from an AIX file into an organized and ready-to-design Illustrator file. This new workflow gives designers the creative freedom to enhance their maps' appearance without risking alteration of data stored in their GIS, which also makes it a powerful collaboration tool.

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