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Data Management

Ensure data integrity and accuracy

Store data

Store and access your data in ArcGIS, using flexible methods that fit your workflows. Use the cloud, common file formats, or the geodatabase (Esri's method for storing and managing geospatial data). When work needs to be recovered, unsaved changes such as maps, scenes, layouts, reports, tasks, and locators are recovered up to the time of the most recent backup. The backup project seamlessly replaces the original, and a new backup project is created and stored in your project home folder, in a folder named .backups.

Edit data

ArcGIS Pro provides all the tools you need to manage your geospatial data in single-user and multiuser editing environments. Simplify editing and ensure data integrity with context-sensitive editing tools, industry-focused templates, and domains and subtypes. Create keyboard shortcuts to help enable editing, or turn off editing completely inside ArcGIS Pro to prevent unintentional edits.

Evaluate and validate data

ArcGIS Pro contains a complete set of tools for checking and validating data integrity. Tools that scan the accuracy of spatial relationships, connectivity, and attribution are consistently running. Validation toolsets scan third-party files and run selected data repair processes to evaluate the data and ensure high quality.

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