Manage and analyze imagery data

Process imagery

ArcGIS Pro has multiple methods for efficient image processing. On-the-fly processing enabled by raster functions avoids data duplication and quickly creates new views of your imagery. Dynamic mosaicking of overlapping images allows users to instantly access different views of the same area. Ortho mapping capabilities in ArcGIS Pro Advanced allow GIS users to process imagery from satellites, drones, and historical aerial photos to extract digital elevation models and create orthorectified mosaics.

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Manage imagery

Manage imagery from a wide variety of sources—satellites, drones, unmanned aerial systems, full-motion video, elevation, lidar, and more. ArcGIS Pro provides extensive enterprise image management capabilities and is used by organizations in a wide range of industries to manage their imagery holdings. This makes assets accessible and turns them into useful information products for both data visualization and analysis.

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Analyze imagery

ArcGIS Pro has the tools you need to find and understand patterns in imagery from a wide range of sources. Analyze imagery directly in ArcGIS Pro using ArcGIS Image Analyst to apply spatial analysis for land cover classification, temporal analysis to explore changes over time, and more. Additionally, integrate cutting-edge deep learning models to extract features of interest.

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