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ArcGIS QuickCapture

ArcGIS QuickCapture

The fastest and easiest GIS data collection app

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Collect reliable data on the go

This GIS data collection app simplifies and accelerates field data capture—eliminating manual processes and saving time. Customize projects effortlessly using a no-code app builder and quickly collect data in the field with the tap of a button. Integrated with ArcGIS for real-time collaboration and synchronization.


How it works

Create data capture projects with ease

Select a template or ArcGIS feature layers to configure your first data collection project in the ArcGIS QuickCapture designer. This no-code app builder lets you customize the buttons, attributes, and actions required for efficient data collection. Whether it's capturing observations, incidents, or measurements, have complete control over project design.

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Easily collect data with the tap of a button

Use the mobile app to automatically populate fields with common GIS attributes such as location, time, and travel speed. In addition, capture points, lines, polygons, photos, and videos, all with a single tap. No need for extra devices, handwritten notes, or specialized training, just fast and accurate field data capture that mobile workers enjoy.

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Seamlessly visualize and analyze information

Extend the capabilities of data capture with GIS applications that help manage, monitor, and analyze data in real-time. Incorporate workflow automation tools to share data with other business systems and further support decision-making. Benefit from up-to-date information, adjust projects as needed, and push changes to the app to keep everyone working in unison.

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Digital innovation enhances wildfire response

Portugal’s National Authority for Emergency and Civil Protection harnessed the power of GIS to improve wildfire prevention, detection, and response.

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Built on ArcGIS

Unlock the power of ArcGIS by incorporating ArcGIS QuickCapture data with other ArcGIS apps. Discover focused solutions that help to uncover new and better ways of doing business.

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ArcGIS Instant Apps

ArcGIS Instant Apps

Choose a focused web app template to highlight ArcGIS QuickCapture data, configure the look and feel, and instantly deploy it to your intended audience.

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ArcGIS Experience Builder

ArcGIS Experience Builder

Design engaging, immersive, and configurable web apps that integrate with ArcGIS QuickCapture data.

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ArcGIS Dashboards

ArcGIS Dashboards

Visualize and interact with data generated from ArcGIS QuickCapture in real-time dashboards to support informed decision-making.

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ArcGIS Survey123

ArcGIS Survey123

Pair ArcGIS QuickCapture with this flexible smart form builder to complete simple to complex field data collection workflows.

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