The Challenge

Highway agencies manage and maintain a broad spectrum of information about their roadways. Often, this information is distributed throughout the agency in multiple, disparate systems. The public safety department might maintain crash data based on mileposts located along the highway, while the maintenance department may locate sign and pavement assets based on a distance from a known point of origin.

Integrate Data

With ArcGIS Roads and Highways the measurements associated with data in external systems can be kept current and synchronized with the edits made to the LRS, enabling data interoperability and sharing across all business units.
Integrate Data

Edit across the Web

Extend the reach of your workflows across your enterprise to include users and groups without prior GIS software and application accessibility. Business data owners and groups throughout your organization will be able to create and edit event data from a map-centric experience within an HTML5-enabled web browser.
Edit across the Web

Automated Cartographic Processing

Easily visualize and maintain your roadway networks and associated data. Rule-based location management allows you to define how event measures and route associations should react to changes in the LRS, keeping your business data aligned with roadway network changes.
Simplify LRS Updates

Analyze and Report Data When You Need It

Generate reports and produce data products and maps that support safety analysis, traffic congestion analysis, and infrastructure maintenance planning. These reports provide government and public entities insight into highway-based data like highway assets, incidents, and roadway characteristics.
Analyze and Report Data When You Need It

Coordinate and Track Work Throughout Your Organization

ArcGIS Roads and Highways comes with workflow management tools that provide visibility into day-to-day job progress, allowing you to track the status of jobs using standardized and streamlined workflows. A history of actions is automatically recorded for each job, providing a detailed account of how the job was completed.
Coordinate and Track Work Throughout Your Organization

Automate Quality Control

Benefit from a complete QA/QC system with tools for automated and visual review processes. You can use these tools to assess, document, correct, and verify the overall quality of your spatial data. The tools can be scheduled to run automatically and are configurable so you can implement business rules specific to your organization's needs.
Automate Quality Control

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