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Grand Prize Winners

Rohingya Refugee Emergency at a Glance

This visually engrossing story map documents the influx of refugees into Bangladesh. Thoughtfully composed, with the ability to view the content in four different languages, this story map brings together well-designed maps, charts, and gripping photographs to reveal one of the largest and fastest-growing refugee crises in decades.

Made with Story Map Cascade
By Mapping Unit – The UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR)


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Washington’s Ice Age Floods

This visually engrossing story map documents the cataclysmic floods that shaped the landscape of the Pacific Northwest during the last ice age. Maps, images, and videos illuminate the deluge’s devastating path of destruction from western Montana to the Pacific Ocean.

Made with Story Map Journal
By Daniel Coe – Washington Geological Survey

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Annual Report of the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society

A complete annual report presented as a story map including beautiful maps, images and stories about the Society’s activities.

Made with Story Map Journal
By Lauren Medsker – Pennsylvania Horticultural Society

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Snow Journal

Historical amounts of snow fell in Boston during 2015 and it was the City of Boston’s job to manage the response. Check out what it took to clean up over 8 feet of snow.

Made with Story Map Journal
By Joyce John - City of Boston, MA

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Buy Fresh, Buy Local; Cape Cod

Prefer shopping and dining in eco-friendly places? Created in partnership with a regional development agency, this story map highlights businesses that support locally sourced fresh food.

Made with Story Map Series
By Bret Whiteley – Cape Cod Commission

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