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2023 ArcGIS StoryMaps Competition

The competition will open on July 10, 2023.

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A collage with a map showing areas of concentrated energy and photos of a shallow lakebed, agriculture, and a person smiling

Global storytelling competition

Esri is pleased to announce the 2023 ArcGIS StoryMaps Competition, which focuses on the restoration and conservation of Earth’s lands and waters.

A cropped view of Earth from outer space

Join a global conservation conversation

The 2023 ArcGIS StoryMaps Competition invites storytellers globally to share stories about restoring and conserving Earth’s resources—leaving no one behind. 

Story submissions should cover at least one of the following topics:

  • Current threats to the health of lands, waterways, and wildlife and their impacts on communities
  • Locally led restoration and conservation efforts, including initiatives by or with Indigenous communities and supporting organizations
  • Restoration and conservation of fresh water and ocean habitats
  • Restoration and conservation of land, natural resources, and wildlife corridors
  • Sustainable agriculture and food systems
  • Conservation-related science and research, including Indigenous knowledge or traditional knowledge, in restoration conservation efforts
  • Safe and equitable access to parks and public lands
  • Nature-based education and outdoor opportunities
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