3D Scenario Modeling

Empower your team with 3D modeling for streamlined decisions and easier collaboration with your stakeholders and community

A digital map of a city displaying 3D buildings, roads, and green trees

Design and compare alternative scenarios

With ArcGIS Urban, guide your community towards a future that balances current needs and emerging demands with urban visualizations designed to support scenario planning and impact assessment.

What you can do with ArcGIS Urban

Design what-if scenarios

Explore zoning and land-use changes by comparing current and proposed buildable volumes. Test the allocation of plausible building forms to evaluate impact.  

A GIF showing white and pale orange buildings representing a phased approach for a new building development

Test and validate regulations

With ArcGIS Urban, zoning data is automatically converted into 3D, allowing you to assess capacity with 3D representations. Evaluate proposals and simplify the validation and management of your zoning and land-use. 

A GIF with text and an animated 3D shape representing a 3D building massing with adjustments based on skyplane modifications

Model with ease and precision

Conduct 3D scenario planning confidently with editing and design tools. Rezone and redevelop parcels with tools that measure as you draw and generate plausible buildings automatically based on adjustable parameters like floor area ratio (FAR), maximum height, setback, and coverage.  

A GIF showing a pink L-shaped shape representing the measurement  tools for measuring 3D buildings and designs


Comprehensive planning

Guide your next comprehensive plan update with adaptable, responsive land-use scenarios designed to reflect changes occurring in all sectors. Move beyond static, regulatory practices and explore emerging trends and issues with scenario planning tools for analysis and land-use interventions. 

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: A color coded zoning map with squares in yellow, blue, and red


Specific planning

Apply 3D scenario modeling and combine a concrete vision with short-term action on neighborhood plan areas with ArcGIS Urban. Achieve urban transformation through a more analytical and parametric-driven process that is both dynamic and creative.

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A 3D scenario with 3D buildings in blue and purple representing building massings based on zoning regulations

Who can benefit from ArcGIS Urban


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