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Extendable Planning System

Unleash the full potential of ArcGIS Urban with an innovative and connected system of applications

A virtual city streetscape with a road, cars, and buildings representing the designs for new street lighting and bike lanes

Maximize planning impact with an extendable system

Seamlessly integrate ArcGIS Urban with other Esri products and external platforms to build a comprehensive and synchronized planning system. 

What you can do with ArcGIS Urban

Deploy securely and with control

Deploy ArcGIS Urban on your own infrastructure with ArcGIS Enterprise to ensure data privacy and compliance.  Have full control of a centralized platform for storing and managing your data securely.

A map with clustered orange buildings and a lock symbol overlaid

Connect to different products and systems

With the ArcGIS Urban API, you can get access to the data seamlessly created within ArcGIS Urban. This allows for multiple integration paths and enables custom workflows that enhance your urban planning and design processes.

Circular graphic showing Urban API in the middle surrounded by black circles and various icons representing products

Go beyond with immersive experiences

Create 3D immersive visualizations of an urban environment and provide stakeholders and the community with an unprecedented way to collaborate in the design process using extended reality (XR) technologies, including virtual reality (VR) headsets.

A GIF showing a 3D model of a large city with buildings and roads in a virtual reality headset


Urban API

With the Urban API, you can extend the functionality of ArcGIS Urban, automate data workflows, and create integrations. Enable programmatic access, retrieval of data, and the creation of  scenarios for better urban planning workflows.

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A 3D sketch of a city streetscape with light gray buildings, roads, and trees

Who can benefit from ArcGIS Urban


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