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Project e-Submission

Accelerate the review and approval of proposed development in your city

A cityscape with green trees, blue sky, and tall buildings showing select buildings highlighted in red for development

Streamline the project review process

Visualize, review, and track proposed building designs in the context of a 3D model of your city without relying on static architectural renderings and disjointed data analysis. 

What you can do with ArcGIS Urban

Sketch and upload 3D models

Sketch concepts for new development during the early stages of projects planning and upload existing 3D content, such as building information modeling (BIM) and SketchUp files, to evaluate ideas and proposals within the context of their neighborhood. 

A GIF showing a 3D sketch for a building and the actual BIM model

Review proposals with interactive tools

Apply spatial analysis to project reviews and catch undesired outcomes before they happen in the real world. Perform visibility and shadow-cast analysis, generate elevation profiles, and even analyze lighting conditions by setting time and day.

A GIF showing the shadow cast of a purple and gray building

Track project status and versions

With ArcGIS Urban, communicate development application status to decision-makers, residents, and developers with a citywide visualization of proposed, ongoing, and completed projects. 

A GIF showing one pale orange and one redc3D building highlighted for development


Current planning

Track and visualize developments across the city and observe how proposed projects help reach the community's goals. Provide stakeholders with a clear and contextual understanding of both upcoming and ongoing construction activities. Read this blog to discover how planners in State College, Pennsylvania, apply a digital twin to visualize the impact of luxury apartments.

Read the blog
A 3D rendering of a proposed development with a gray building and green trees and a description of its related information

Who can benefit from ArcGIS Urban


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