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In an environment of limited resources and increasingly complex networks, utilities and telecoms need a new wave of GIS-based network management with more functionality, added flexibility, and superior access to information. The ArcGIS Utility Network Management extension greatly enhances the network management capabilities within ArcGIS.  

Superior network management
Multiple industries

Electric, gas, telecom, water, sewer & stormwater
Cross-platform support

Network intelligence to the right person or system
Model modern networks

Greater detail and scalability
High quality data

Built-in rules and tools for data integrity
Investment in capability

Modernization needs and emerging technologies
Cost containment

Reduced editing and integration burdens

How it works

A utility network implemented with the ArcGIS Utility Network Management extension creates a new data type in ArcGIS. This data provides a robust foundation for scalable modeling of all utility assets.

ArcGIS platform

Using the ArcGIS platform means that even the most sophisticated network model can be analyzed and presented anywhere in beautiful, color-coded maps that immediately communicate the important ideas. Build on the ArcGIS Enterprise foundation. Use tools inside ArcGIS Pro to interact with your data. Share your maps and analysis via ArcGIS Online.

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