ArcReader is a free, easy-to-use desktop mapping application that allows you to view, explore, and print maps and globes. Anyone with ArcReader can view high-quality interactive maps authored by ArcMap and published with the ArcGIS Publisher extension.

With ArcReader, you can

View, Navigate, and Print

published ArcGIS maps using ArcReader (.pmf files).

Deploy Your GIS Data

to novices and professionals alike.

Zoom, Pan, and Switch

between map and page layout views.

Communicate More Efficiently

with the ability to graphically mark up maps.

Print Published Map and Globe Documents

Including all layer symbology and cartographic map elements on any supported printer.

Create Custom ArcReader Applications

Embed ArcReader capabilities into existing applications.

Key features

ArcReader is a free and easy-to-use application that allows users to view and print maps that are published as Published Map Files (PMF) by the ArcGIS Publisher extension to ArcGIS for Desktop. PMF files preserve a live connection to the data, so the user's data view is always dynamic.

ArcReader significantly increases access to maps throughout all parts of an organization, introducing a new way for individuals and enterprises to share information that was once limited to those with advanced GIS software on their computers.

The key capabilities of ArcReader are

  • Zooming in/out
  • Panning
  • Going to previous/next extent
  • Viewing spatial bookmarks
  • Viewing and printing previously authored map layouts
  • Searching with the Find tool
  • Identifying features
  • Using the hyperlink tool
  • Measuring features

System requirements

ArcReader is free to use and has been certified for Windows operating systems. ArcReader requires Microsoft .NET Framework to be installed. Read the complete list of System Requirements for additional information.

Download ArcReader

Common questions (FAQ)

How can I create a Published Map File for use in ArcReader?

Use ArcGIS Publisher, an extension to ArcGIS for Desktop that converts Esri map documents (MXD) or ArcGlobe documents (3DD) to Published Map Files (PMF) for use with ArcReader.

Can I edit a PMF with ArcReader?

No, ArcReader cannot create or modify the published maps. You need ArcGIS Publisher to create or edit a PMF.


How does ArcReader work with other ArcGIS products?

ArcReader is part of the ArcGIS family of software products. It is built from the same ArcObjects components as ArcGIS for Desktop. ArcReader works with maps authored by ArcMap, and is published with ArcGIS Publisher.


How does ArcReader access GIS data?

ArcReader can only read data through a PMF. The PMF supports access to all standard vector and raster formats supported by ArcGIS. The PMF does not include the data. Rather, the PMF references the data whether it is on a local drive, a shared network drive, or an Internet service. The PMF preserves a live connection to the data, so the user's data view is dynamic.

Can ArcReader add data layers to Published Map Files?

ArcReader is exclusively a map viewer for working with previously authored PMFs. ArcReader cannot add data to a PMF.


Can ArcReader be customized?

ArcGIS Publisher includes access to the ArcReader developer component for embedding ArcReader or creating custom applications for viewing Published Map Files.

How much does ArcReader cost?

ArcReader is included with ArcGIS for Desktop and is also a free download from the Esri Web site.

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