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ArcGIS Configurable Apps make it easy to create and share interactive web applications in ArcGIS Online and ArcGIS Enterprise. Based on your goals and your audience's needs, select from a variety of focused app templates. Configurable Apps are the fastest and simplest way to go from a map to an interactive app.

Choose a template that fits your goal

Show a map in 2D or 3D

You've already created a great map or scene. Use a Configurable App to highlight, share, and encourage simple interactions from your audience. Let your map speak for itself. Enable your audience to interact and understand your maps with a selection of basic tools, including interactive pop-ups and informative legends.

Collect and edit data

Create web apps for users to collect and edit geospatial data. These apps allow users to submit or update locations and information about a specific topic, such as a pothole repair request or proposed zoning changes.

Explore data

Make it easy for viewers to explore and discover your spatial data. Your audience can use a variety of tools, such as interactive symbology, filtering, visualization, while navigating your dataset, to help others understand their data.

Provide local information

Enable your audience to search and discover points of interest within your map. Configure your app to accept an address or location and find what is nearby, closest, or within a specified distance.

Make a gallery

Provide convenient access to your geographic content by creating a gallery of layers, maps, or apps. Organize your content into themes or showcase all your content in one place.

Tell a story

Choose an interactive app that guides your audience through a spatial story using maps, images, narrative text, and multimedia content. Fully immerse your audience in the story you want to tell.

How it works

Build a map

Create a web map in ArcGIS Online that will be used in your app.

Select a template

With your goal in mind, select a template from the gallery. Each template delivers a simple experience for the audience.

Configure tools

While configuring your app, select tools, such as legend, search, and bookmark navigation, that will enable your audience to interact with your app.

Share your app

Share your completed app with the world or a specific audience.

User App

University of California, Riverside Campus Map

The University of California, Riverside uses the Minimalist template for an online map to help students and visitors navigate the campus.

Get started with Configurable Apps

ArcGIS Configurable Apps leverage the power of the ArcGIS platform to offer you flexible implementation and deployment options. Select the offering that best fits your business needs.

Cloud-based, software-as-a-service
Configurable Apps are included with ArcGIS Online, Esri's software-as-a-service (SaaS) mapping and analysis offering. Anyone can start building maps and apps within ArcGIS Online.
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Secure, enterprise platform
Create and customize your applications using a suite of configurable templates available to you in ArcGIS Enterprise. Easily organize and share your apps with others.
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Get started with ArcGIS Configurable Apps

Configurable Apps are included with ArcGIS Online

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