Business and Behavioral Data

Business trends and consumer behaviors on global and local scales

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Looking for new ways to understand your customers and their common preferences and behaviors? Our business and behavioral data portfolio can unlock valuable consumer information in the places that matter most to you. Adapt a data-driven model for user engagement, marketing campaigns, and more by understanding consumer buying habits and their unique needs.

Identify your ideal customer

Uncover where and why people spend money and understand what drives people to a business location through behavioral data research. Learn who your customers are and what makes them unique based on their preferences and behaviors.

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Locate new opportunities

Once you've discovered the behavioral data characteristics of your ideal target markets, you can use the power of location data to find new prospects with similar behaviors. Focus your outreach in similar neighborhoods by analyzing lifestyle choices, socioeconomic characteristics, and other demographic factors.

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Predict future outcomes

With precise street-level data, you can accurately predict which business locations would best meet your customers' needs. Anticipate demand based on current, historic, and predicted datasets. 

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Be the first to see opportunity

Power your mapping software and analytic tools with business data solutions made for your industry. Improve your operations with location-based behavioral data collected to drive intelligent decision-making.


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Learn how to unlock social behaviors by leveraging data from the world's largest social networks.

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