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Looking for new ways to understand your customers and their common preferences and behaviors? Our business and behavioral data portfolio can unlock valuable consumer information in the places that matter most to you. Adapt a data-driven model for user engagement, marketing campaigns, and more by understanding consumer buying habits and their unique needs.

Make data-driven decisions

Learn who your customers are, including their preferences and behaviors, in the places that matter most to you. Know where businesses are located, uncover where consumers spend their money, and understand the people that frequent areas of interest. Select the sites that match your operational goals, observe industry patterns, and predict opportunities to maximize your resources.

Understand your target customer's lifestyle

Gain insight into the market trends, risks, and opportunities associated with your target segments by understanding your customers' behavioral data. See how neighborhoods across the US differ by lifestyle choices, socioeconomic characteristics, and demographics.

See business data in action

ArcGIS Business Analyst connects you with a location-based intelligence platform for planning, site selection, and customer segmentation. Produce accurate reports and informative infographics and deep dive into map-based analytics using Esri's collection of demographics, lifestyle, and spending data.

Be the first to see opportunity

Power your mapping and analytics software with business data solutions made for your industry. Improve your operations with location-based data collected to drive your intelligent decision-making.

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Case study

The Shopping Center Group

The Shopping Center Group, a leading real estate service provider, achieved 30% revenue growth using Esri Demographics and Tapestry Segmentation.

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