Demographics help you understand people and population division. Demographics are available both globally and locally, with access to over 15,000 ready-to-use demographic data variables from more than 130 countries around the globe. Dive deep into demographic trend analysis on topics such as world population growth, birth and mortality rates, and populous countries.

Global accuracy you can trust

Esri uses authoritative demographic sources to give you confidence in your data—globally and locally. Trust in data quality based on strong vintage and thorough methodology. Esri's data reliability score helps you know you are always accessing the best available data on the market. 

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Ready-to-use data without data prep

Experience the Esri difference with ready-to-use demographic data, any way you choose. Spend less time prepping data and more time for decision-making. Esri provides a variety of data formats to fit your needs, including demographic maps, data services, reports, infographics, and tabular data.

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Understand people with demographics

Mix and match the data variables you choose. Esri's expansive global demographic portfolio offers a variety of demographic characteristics that scale from global to local.

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New US Census data coming soon

Learn more about the 2020 US Census and the plan for releasing the updated datasets from the census bureau.

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