View and analyze the earth with authoritative imagery and raster data

Computer generated image of land and an ocean

Access authoritative imagery from Esri and our extensive governmental and commercial partner network. Made available via ArcGIS Living Atlas of the World, Esri's curated imagery collection includes high-performance visualization services and dynamic earth observation and analysis services. From localized urban planning to tracking global changes, apply Esri's ready-to-use imagery to your visualization and analysis workflows to maximize context, information, and insights.

Create a foundation with imagery basemaps

Tap into Esri's collection of imagery basemaps for high-performance visualization and geographic context. Access the most recent, high-quality imagery within the World Imagery map—leverage desaturated Firefly imagery for overlaying and highlighting brightly styled feature layers, uncover past versions of World Imagery with Wayback, and more. 

Laptop displaying basemap with land and water

Integrate dynamic satellite imagery

Regardless of your project, Esri can connect you with the spatial, spectral, and temporal resolution you need. Draw on Sentinel's wide range of multispectral, multitemporal bands to better explore the planet's geology, vegetation, and agriculture. Landsat offers decades of archived imagery for observation of change over time. Looking for imagery that is refreshed daily? Tap into Esri's Modis Layers for daily imagery updates.

Computer monitor showing satellite imagery

Access elevation services and renderings

Derive slope and aspect, render 3D visualizations, and perform viewshed analysis. The Terrain service provides online access to a global collection of multiresolution and multisource elevation data and is the source from which all other Esri elevation services and renderings are derived.  Elevation services include a rich collection of commercial and public domain community data with resolutions ranging from 1,000 meters down to 0.5 meters.

Black and white terrain with inset multi-colored 3D image

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Access more than 100 different versions of World Imagery archived over the past five years.

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