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Places Data

Find the points of interest and places that matter most to you

A brightly lit downtown core with tall buildings in the distance overlaid with a burst map displaying distances between two points

Key to location analysis, Esri's Places Data portfolio provides distinct geographic references, including points of interest (POI), building footprints, boundaries, and parcels. This data can help you understand what attracts people to a location. Add Places Data to your GIS analysis, or confidently build it into your location services applications.

Search for a destination

Interested in a particular location or landmark? Find places by name or category through an interactive search.

Nighttime shot of a downtown with tall buildings and a harbor with boats and small image of a map with yellow starburst lines

See geographic proximity

Create a list of nearby places based on location and type. Consider customers and prospects, competitors, distribution sites, and facilities for visualization and analysis.

Aerial image of a city with many buildings and a road and a small popup box with a blue map and starburst lines

Design routes by places

Have a list of businesses to include in your journey? Inform your route directions with landmarks to assist in navigation, and find other relevant places along your route. 

Blue digital map with pink, purple, and red scattered dots indicating points of interest and small image of a big rig truck

Why use Places Data?

Enhance your GIS analysis with Places Data to better understand how the physical and social worlds interact.


Data sources

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Contribute to Places Data

Learn how to contribute POI and other features through Esri's Community Maps Program.

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