Tapestry Segmentation

Behavioral market segmentation for US neighborhoods

A map segmenting different neighborhoods with different colors overlaid with an aerial image of a suburban neighborhood

You've built your brand to serve the needs of your customers, but want to know more about their distinct lifestyles and behavior patterns. Tapestry Segmentation can help you create a vision for your marketing strategy, breaking US neighborhoods into demographic and socioeconomic segments. Personalize experiences and develop loyal customers in your customer base by understanding your target customers and their needs.

Understand what makes your customers unique

People have unique needs. Understanding the uniqueness of different consumer personas can help you produce valuable products and services. Tapestry Segmentation classifies US neighborhoods into 67 unique segments, based on demographics and socioeconomic characteristics.

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Profile your target markets

From Uptown Individuals to Middleburg, Bright Young Professionals to Retirement Communities, segmenting your markets based on summarized behavioral traits can help you target your outreach. Understand the common behaviors within each segmented neighborhood, what people spend money on, and how best to reach them.

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Recognize buying power by location

See the economic capabilities of your target consumers in comparison to other parts of the US. Esri Tapestry Segmentation includes three indexes displaying average household wealth, socioeconomic status, and housing affordability for the market relative to US standards.

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The Shopping Center Group

The Shopping Center Group, a real estate service provider, achieved 30 percent revenue growth using Esri Demographics and Tapestry Segmentation.

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