Esri Redistricting is a web-based software that enables governments, advocates, and citizens to complete and share regulation-compliant redistricting plans. Based on Esri’s proven ArcGIS software and dataset components, Esri Redistricting provides comprehensive tools for plan creation, management, visualization, editing, and collaboration.

A modern enterprise approach

Esri Redistricting is trusted, curated, and secure. The easy-to-use interface and simple workflow will usher you through the process.

Legislative requirements and judicial audits

Avoid common pitfalls. Use built-in tools to check compactness and allowable population deviation. Share pre-defined reports that meet legislative requirements.

Secure sharing and collaboration

Engage citizen participation via online maps. Use out-of-the-box redistricting and spatial analysis functions, sophisticated geocoding, and plan management tools.

Leverage existing GIS investments

No need to train your staff on a new system. Rely on the trusted and stable ArcGIS from Esri, the GIS market leader for more than 45 years.

How Esri Redistricting works


Run, print, and share predefined reports to summarize data and compare potential plans. Create custom reports using any available variable that matters to your organization and your constituents.

Create and edit a plan

Follow a step-by-step workflow to create, edit, view, and share your redistricting plans. Esri Redistricting is map-centric and easy to use. It will usher you through the process.

Check integrity

Esri Redistricting will help you avoid common missteps such as assigning a geography to more than one territory, checking for compactness, and violating allowable population deviation.

Make thematic maps

Create thematic maps using rich, authoritative data provided by Esri, including US Census data. Print and share your maps to better communicate your plans and differentiate between alternatives.

Manage and share the plan

Manage all your plans in one place. Maintain individual plan integrity by locking them as "read only." Share within a secure and curated environment while collaborating with constituents. Gain external input without exposing your data. (Note that, manage and share plan features are available only in Managed Services and On-premises deployments.)


Utah adds citizen input

Utah State Legislature successfully implements Esri Redistricting for citizen involvement and draws districts based on constituent-made district maps.

Deployment offerings

Esri offers a variety of deployment options, including software-as-a-service (SaaS), Esri Managed Cloud Services, and on-premise for those wanting to leverage private data.

SaaS subscription

Esri Redistricting Online

Per user pricing/12-month subscription

Access to all functionality in a single-user version

Add content from external ArcGIS services

Managed Cloud Services

Esri-hosted redistricting

Configured instance for organization

Custom data packs/integrated customer data

All hosting components managed by Esri

On premises

Deployed on-site

Configured and installed behind firewall

Custom data packs/integrate your data

Hosting components managed by you