ArcGIS LocateXT

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Entity extraction software for analysis of unstructured data

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ArcGIS LocateXT is entity extraction software for analysis of unstructured data, enabling you to quickly distill location information from massive amounts of data. Its sense-making capability automatically identifies location information inside large volumes of your unstructured data to bring geospatial information to the surface. Interrogate an array of messages, reports, briefings, and social media posts. Uncover data inside Microsoft Office documents (Word, Excel, PowerPoint); Adobe PDF documents; and XML, HTML, and text files. Publish extractions on a map to share across the enterprise, including geodatabases, feature classes, and feature services. Implement custom automated workflows for deeper analysis and better decision-making.

Make sense of your unstructured big data

Rapid entity extraction from anywhere

Extract location data from intelligence reports, social media, and more. Discover and reveal geocoordinates, place-names, image geotags, dates, and other critical information from unstructured data. Identify and extract thousands of variations of geocoordinate formats. Publish in ArcGIS and use in ArcGIS apps to analyze relationships.

Map of the east coast of the United States with red data points and a cloud icon and paper icon

Automate entity extraction workflows

Reduce the amount of time it takes to generate and disseminate maps, apps, and reports. Automatically extract data to feature classes, feature services, shapefiles, KML files, and geodatabases. Create custom extracted attributes by configuring keyword search and extraction controls. Store past attributes to remind the user for future workflows.

A land map with a gear icon and a black popup box with project information and feature data

Map entities extracted from source content

Interact with and view entity and location data on a map with source content. Discover, sort, and map extracted locations. Interact with points to reveal pre-text and post-text from source content. Simplify and accelerate geocoding of text-based assets for situational understanding.

Gray land map with scattered red data points and textual data displaying under the map

How it works

Select data

Select unstructured data for analysis from an array of messages, reports, briefings, and social media posts.

Extract entities

Uncover location names, coordinates, and more, from your unstructured reports, social media posts, and other sources.

Map data

Plot location information extracted from your data with source content for actionable intelligence.

Automate workflows

Store past attributes and configure parameters to automate future entity extraction workflows.

Get the most from ArcGIS

Extend the value of existing IT investments. Install ArcGIS LocateXT and easily get started, knowing it fully integrates with your existing ArcGIS implementation. Jump-start future projects while saving time and reducing operating costs by leveraging existing workflows and systems.

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