Premium Feature Data Store

Increase your ArcGIS Online subscription feature data storage and support for intensive query, edit, analysis, and extract, transform, and load (ETL) with one of three Premium Feature Data Store levels.

Each level provides twice the power of the previous, with the highest level (M4) offering 16 times the compute available with Standard Feature Data Store.

Each ArcGIS Online subscription has only one feature data store; these levels cannot be combined.

Frequently asked questions

After purchase, your organization will automatically be upgraded to Premium Feature Data Store. No further action is needed.

Administrators can see this information on the Organization page in the Overview tab.

If you don't renew your subscription, Premium Feature Data Store will automatically revert to Standard Feature Data Store, and the storage credit model will resume, provided your subscription has less than 500 GB storage in use.

Yes, migration from standard to premium, between premium levels, and from premium back to standard can happen when it’s time to renew your subscription, provided the organization meets the target Data Store requirements.

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