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Your data tells a story. Unlock the power of real-time and big data when you connect to streaming inputs and take the first step toward discovering the stories your IoT data tells. Get the situational awareness your organization deserves.

All data, all the time

We've got the configurable inputs for any kind of data. ArcGIS GeoEvent Server can receive and interpret events from any data stream, including stationary sensors such as weather stations, moving assets such as vehicles, or occurring events like crime and accidents.

Big data

Streaming and real-time data often result in high volumes of collected information. Use ArcGIS GeoAnalytics Server to run batch analytics on this data to see where incidents occurred, examine where patterns have emerged, and determine the route of moving assets. Beyond being a complementary product to your real-time feeds, GeoAnalytics Server can analyze your own GIS data and data from other sources like Hadoop Distributed File System, Amazon S3, and Microsoft Azure Blob and Data Lakes.

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