Manage your observational data to retain and analyze what is most relevant. Accomplish more when you can store more. ArcGIS Data Store has been enhanced to work with observational data. From moving objects to stationary sensors, your data is the foundation for everything—and your storage should reflect that.

Spatiotemporal big data store

Use out-of-the-box ArcGIS storage to archive high volumes of observational data and sustain high-velocity outputs, which can be stored across multiple machines. Configurable outputs allow your events to be stored as map-friendly features.

Bring your own data store

Are you storing big data in Hive, cloud stores, a network file share, or a Hadoop Distributed File System? Leverage that data by connecting directly to it for big data analysis using GeoAnalytics Server. With GeoAnalytics Server, you have the flexibility to keep the results of your analysis in your GIS or write them back to your own store.

Integration with your GIS

We understand that data comes from everywhere, so we've made it easy to collect and incorporate it into your GIS. From built-in data storage to external options, harness the data you need so you can focus on tracking, responding, and analyzing it.

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