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Map your data to work more effectively with it. Control how your real-time, streaming data is displayed—either dynamically or historically—and view it the way you want to use it. From maps to dashboards, visualize your real-time data in context to make the right decisions.

On-the-fly aggregation

Have streaming data? We’ve got the configurable inputs for any kind of data. Be it stationary sensors such as weather stations, or moving assets such as vehicles, or point-in-time events like crime and accidents; ArcGIS GeoEvent Server can receive and analyze events from that data stream.    

Operational dashboards

Visualize your IoT data on a dynamic dashboard with charts, gauges, maps, and other visual elements that show the status and performance of vital assets and events in real time. Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS is the perfect tool to deliver a complete operating picture of your real-time, big data.

Turn noise into intelligence

Visualize patterns, relationships, anomalies, and incidents in large amounts of data. Leverage ArcGIS GeoAnalytics Server to analyze big datasets and visualize insights to make more informed decisions.

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