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GIS Professional User Type

Build advanced maps with ArcGIS Pro

Foundational user type for ArcGIS Online and ArcGIS Enterprise

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About the GIS Professional user type

Build advanced 2D and 3D maps, visualizations, and analyses using ArcGIS Pro, the professional desktop GIS application. In addition to ArcGIS Pro, the GIS Professional user type license includes full access to ArcGIS Online, where you can collaboratively build web maps and share them through apps. GIS analysts, geodevelopers, and cartographers are likely to find the GIS Professional user type a good match for their job responsibilities. The GIS Professional is a foundational user type, which means it can administer ArcGIS Online or ArcGIS Enterprise and can be purchased independently or paired with other user types.


With the GIS Professional user type, you can perform the following capabilities:


Included and add-on apps

ArcGIS Pro

Build beautiful maps in 2D and 3D, and perform robust geospatial analysis.

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Essential Apps

The GIS Professional user type includes the following essential apps:


Office Apps

The GIS Professional user type includes the following office apps:




GIS Professional

Create web maps with ArcGIS Online
Produce advanced maps using ArcGIS Pro 
Access authoritative data to accelerate your work and expand analysis
Create and manage 2D and 3D location data

Combine 3D, CAD, imagery, and other data types on a single map
Analyze data to understand trends

Perform exploratory, statistical, link, and spatial analyses in one place
Use scientific analytical tools to deepen your understanding
Collaborate with team members

Share maps with your team or the public

Administer users and content within the organization

Included ArcGIS Online credits

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