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Streamlining Commutes for a Strong Local Economy

Smart maps provide location intelligence to ensure transit infrastructure will expand mobility, prosperity, and equity.

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Building resilient, equitable infrastructure

In the reinvention of US infrastructure, one factor is crucial—geography. By looking at layers of data on a map, leaders can identify where transit initiatives will have the most impact on equity and transportation habits.

A geographic approach is the starting point

Geography is a way of pulling together all information about a project, uniting disparate data types by what they have in common—location.

GIS is the tool we need

Modern geographic information system (GIS) technology has powerful capabilities to layer key data on maps for analysis and collaboration.

Smart maps improve decision-making

The location intelligence from GIS empowers real-time insights to prioritize projects and fast-track action.

Map layers reveal how to expand job access

In Boston, public transportation upgrades would give residents (in yellow) access to 10 times more jobs (in green).

About Esri

Esri is the global market leader in GIS software, location intelligence, and mapping.

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