Enable your operations center

Global events routinely shed light on the complex, interrelated worlds of safety and security. Geographic information system (GIS) technology enhances the capabilities of an operations center by fusing real-time threat information with powerful visualization and analysis tools for complete situational awareness throughout the organization. The Fusion Center Solution (FCS) was designed to conduct multisource threat collection and mitigation involving incidents that directly impact an organization's personnel, property, and other critical assets. 

Process-based approach for your operations center

Simplify multisource alerting

Compare multiple threat feeds (natural and manufactured) simultaneously with other operational layers so that analysts can produce robust operational intelligence and analysis results. Focus security staff on what really matters by setting up automated alerts for when external threat feeds intersect with high-value internal assets.

Filter, target & prioritize incoming threats

Condense incident data by using consistent methodologies that prioritize caseload and manage follow-up through resolution. Leverage GIS to filter and triage volumes of incident reports and remove clutter from your operational picture. Use reporting capabilities to aggregate results, supporting threat mitigation and investigation. Deliver simple information products that can be easily interpreted.

Predict impact to organizational assets

Facilitate critical decision-making before, during, and after a catastrophic event. Interrelate GIS, demographic, and infrastructure data to fuel powerful geoprocessing tools. Predict the consequences to an impacted area with detailed reports. Assess damage to the built environment and evaluate casualty predictions for the area population.

Experience shared awareness organization-wide

Provide unmatched situational awareness of your area of interest by interrelating imagery; demographics; and environmental, business, incident, and threat data. Enforce the use of foundational data layers for planning and incident response. Align people, processes, and data to deliver the means for unmatched operational awareness to inform leadership.

One platform for your operations center needs

The Fusion Center Solution brings multiple teams, processes, and diverse needs together into one configurable, dynamic platform to ensure collaboration and real-time situational awareness at all points.

To name a few, FCS supports:

  • Event security
  • Executive protection
  • Field personnel
  • Physical security
  • Intelligence and analysis 

Modernize your security organization

Esri's FCS is a complete software solution that can help transform your security workflows. To deploy FCS, reduce the burden on your staff by leveraging Esri technical and domain subject matter experts.

Ready-to-use content
Esri's ArcGIS Living Atlas of the World and other data sources can provide real-time support to keep you informed during rapidly changing conditions.
Configurable solutions
Configurable GIS solutions transform Esri’s core applications into mission-specific tools that help you solve most of your security challenges.
ArcGIS software
ArcGIS is the heart of the ArcGIS geospatial cloud. Gain insights, using tools to visualize and analyze your data. Collaborate and share via maps, apps, dashboards, and reports.
Subject matter expertise
Leverage Esri's technical experts for rapid deployment. Engage with domain experts to ensure that the technology aligns with your mission requirements.

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