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Design and build networks more efficiently

Communication service providers (CSPs) need new tools to help them be more strategic in their planning and engineering; reduce time to market through remote engineering; and maintain better project operational awareness as they invest and buildout 5G, DOCIS 4.0, software-defined networks (SDN), and expanded fiber to deliver next gen networks. Esri's ArcGIS technology provides the essential tools to identify market opportunities and assess existing capacity, helping decision-makers invest where they can maximize their return on investment (ROI). With ArcGIS you get one complete real-time network view to manage network buildouts from planning, to design, to construction, to as-built.

In a broadband economy, geospatial technology matters

Identifying the right places and mapping key locations into a new network are the easiest ways to improve the service provided, increase customer satisfaction, and drive loyalty to a network. To make this process easier and deliver more accurate results, telecom providers need to understand the geospatial needs for 5G service across large sections of the nation and even the world.

Image of a tablet and a cell phone displaying an Esri Whitepaper that reads, “Putting the Geospatial in 5G”

Maximize ROI on existing assets and efficiently plan new networks

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NextTech: AI's role in the 5G buildout

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How can ArcGIS help you in your planning & engineering efforts?

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