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Five Ways to Use Location Intelligence with Microsoft Applications

An ebook for Microsoft users

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A person wearing business attire looking at a laptop screen overlaid with three smaller images of different maps

Enhance your Microsoft tools with maps

Gain insights and new perspectives from Microsoft 365 business applications


Location analytics for the everyday user

ArcGIS for Microsoft 365 brings cutting-edge mapping technology to the Microsoft applications you already use, enabling you to envision your organization's performance from a geographic perspective.

From charts and graphs to interactive maps

Get answers faster with data that is taken directly from Microsoft Excel charts, tables, and spreadsheets to create interactive maps that anyone at your organization can view and understand.

A computer program window displaying a map with many dispersed red, blue, green, and yellow dots with a menu pane overlaid on the left

Map and visualize data in Microsoft Power BI

Add a new layer of depth to your business intelligence and quickly discover new patterns and trends.

A greyscale map of San Francisco with red, blue, green, and yellow dots in clusters and lines

Boost collaboration and improve decisions

Give your Microsoft Teams meetings and chats a spatial context by sharing interactive maps and 3D scenes that enhance teamwork and keep decision-makers informed.

A Microsoft Teams interface displaying a digital model of a block of city buildings, some of them highlighted in red

Enrich Microsoft SharePoint content

Map and search content in SharePoint to improve team and project communication. Drag documents onto a map and tag them with a location to find them faster.

A Microsoft SharePoint interface displaying a map of a neighborhood with structures highlighted in blue and a search pane overlaid to the left

Location-based process automation

Use the ArcGIS connector for Microsoft Power Automate to build the workflows you need—blending spatial capabilities with Microsoft 365 tools—to increase productivity and efficiency.

A Microsoft Power Automate interface displaying steps of a workflow with color-coded rectangular boxes

Access the ArcGIS for Microsoft 365 guide

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