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Cloud IoT Platforms

Unlock the power of location in the Internet of Things

Gain geospatial insight from sensors and connected devices in the Internet of Things (IoT). Visualize real-time sensor data on a map to reveal hidden patterns. Perform real-time data analytics to identify spatial relationships between sensor readings and other current conditions such as weather and traffic. Define rules for incidents as well as actuation and field crew response, leveraging integrations with industry-leading cloud IoT platforms.

Integrate with your preferred cloud platform

Using ArcGIS Velocity, Esri offers ways to quickly deploy real-time applications that work with your preferred cloud IoT platform. Leverage powerful tools to analyze and share your geospatial data collected by reliable, secure, and scalable cloud computing services offered by Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services. 

Microsoft Azure

Seamlessly integrate with Microsoft Azure IoT services to bring geospatial reasoning to your IoT workflows. Connect to Azure Event Hubs and Azure Service Bus to ingest real-time sensor data into ArcGIS and combine it with rich contextual information in maps and dashboards. After identifying incidents or spatially enriching data, push messages or commands back into your cloud service architecture by sending data to the Azure IoT Hub (part of Azure IoT Central).

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Amazon Web Services

Work fluidly with Amazon Web Services (AWS) IoT Core to leverage real-time data from industrial sensors, tracking devices, and SCADA systems. Display this data geographically with authoritative, enterprise information for improved visibility into performance and detect problems or failures before they occur. Conversely, access IoT data stored over time in Amazon S3 and leverage spatial big data analytics to understand patterns and identify opportunities for strategic improvements.

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