Communications Hub for COVID-19

Business Continuity and Recovery

Deliver timely and accurate business operations updates

Providing essential COVID-19 communications

The COVID-19 crisis has created the need for businesses to provide up-to-date operating information to customers, partners, and internal stakeholders. Organizations of any type and any size, including government agencies, private sector enterprises, nonprofit groups, and academia, can accelerate engagement, communication, collaboration, and data sharing using a business continuity information portal approach. By deploying a communications hub, organizations can leverage their existing data and work with internal and external stakeholders to adapt and ensure business continuity.

Sharing operations status, quickly and broadly

Up-to-date information is vital to decision-making for business managers and customers during the crisis. With a single portal for both internal and external stakeholders, organizations can rapidly communicate trustworthy information in near real time. For workforces, facilities, partners, and customers, this can improve awareness of essential information and maintain well-being and productivity. Additionally, customers can access current data about the availability of products and services in their local communities for safe, timely engagement.

Example website sharing COVID-19 information

Enabling fast, accurate collaboration

Especially during times of crisis, it can be difficult to get teams to share and unify critical data needed to make urgent decisions as conditions change. With an open information portal, organizations can easily create teams made up of staff, external community members, or both. Trusted members of the community can be invited to collaborate with the organization, which can increase a staff's ability to respond to incidents quickly. This can reduce business disruptions and help reestablish business levels as safely and quickly as possible.

Example survey for residents to report conditions

Configuring an easy-to-use communications hub

Organizations need to take fast action to keep pace with the impacts of COVID-19. The Coronavirus Business Continuity template includes a site that organizations can configure with their branding, then use to share authoritative information with customers and stakeholders.  This template allows organizations to include dynamic links to social media feeds, apps to collect workforce and facility status surveys, and variable access rights to tailored content for different audiences across the business.

Example website sharing COVID-19 business continuity information


To implement Esri’s COVID-19 business continuity communications hub requires software and a solution template. Optional professional services are available for a fee when projects require extra resources.

Recommended software

  • ArcGIS Online

  • ArcGIS Hub

Solution template

  • Coronavirus Business Continuity Template


Improving decision-making and service delivery

Brampton, Canada, uses ArcGIS Hub to create a place where everyone can discover, analyze, and download city data. See why and how the city did it.

Esri products for a communications hub


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