Workforce Capacity

Business Continuity and Recovery

Normalize workforce capacity with location intelligence

Enhancing workforce well-being and productivity

The spread of COVID-19 has forced a large portion of the workforce to work remotely, leading to significant challenges for employers who need to understand the status of teams to ensure essential functions are being fulfilled. Identifying which employees are working remotely or working in facilities and maintaining awareness of their well-being are essential components of business resilience. By leveraging mobile surveys for daily check-ins and dashboards to monitor responses, many employers have implemented new routines to enhance this awareness.

Measuring workforce capacity

Utilizing Survey123 for ArcGIS, organizations are deploying individual check-in surveys to collect updates on their workforce’s capacity. This enables individuals to self-report on a daily basis, including when any changes to work conditions occur throughout the day. Once submitted, these surveys are automatically ingested into ArcGIS Online to streamline reporting to key stakeholders. By receiving the status, location, and wellness of employees directly from personnel in real time, organizations can quickly reallocate resources to address new challenges.

Mobile device showing a survey software for reporting worker status

Monitoring real-time status

Organizations can maintain enhanced situational awareness about workforce capacity with integrated dashboards and web applications in ArcGIS Online. Leaders can eliminate emails and manual data integration by streamlining workforce surveys into a single pane of glass that provides real-time awareness of employees and facility availability.

Laptop showing a dashboard displaying workforce information

Improving workforce safety

Organizations can track the spread of COVID-19 and monitor their workforce’s well-being by understanding who is at the most risk and where potential exposures may have occurred. Utilizing ArcGIS Tracker, organizations can understand where they’ve deployed their workforce, track which employees have interacted with each other, and monitor potential transmissions within the organization.

Laptop and mobile devices sharing information


To implement Esri’s technology for workforce capacity requires software and internal data feeds. Optional professional services are available for a fee when projects require extra resources.

Recommended software

  • ArcGIS Online

  • ArcGIS Pro

  • Survey 123 for ArcGIS

  • ArcGIS Tracker

Additional licenses

  • Creator user type

  • Editor user type

  • Viewer user type

Optional software

  • ArcGIS Enterprise

  • Business Continuity Template


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