Frictionless access to trusted maps and data

ArcGIS Platform is the new platform as a service (PaaS) product from Esri, a location intelligence leader. It offers unprecedented access to the tech behind Esri's trusted tools—you can power your apps with the same capabilities that support over 350,000 enterprise organizations.

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When an epic bike ride sent three friends searching for a better way to memorialize their adventures, the idea for the Relive app was born. As Relive grew, the creators wanted to keep the benefits of the technological investments they made when building the app’s infrastructure. To do this, they chose tools without restrictive licensing agreements to meet their needs. The startup was already working with preferred providers for other needs but needed high-quality maps and topographical images of the world to chart its users’ paths. Ultimately, they chose Esri’s rich geographic imagery.

A graphic of a biker riding from a city into a forest with the bike route highlighted in yellow

Red Bull X-Alps adventure race

The future of business lies in flexible technologies that promote connection, agility, and innovation. The Live Tracking app created by zooom productions allows hundreds of millions of fans to follow competitors in real time using advanced GPS trackers. Esri’s topography data layers provide the high-quality imagery, mapping, and geographic perspective needed to create a truly immersive 3D experience for viewers of the competition.

An athlete competing in Red Bull X-Alps surrounded by 3D maps from the Live Tracking app


Salesforce envisioned a map-based tool to help organizations visualize massive amounts of customer relationship management (CRM) data and locate their best options for growth. In developing the product, Ben Brantley, vice president for product at Salesforce, searched for a trusted partner that could provide cutting-edge technology, authoritative data, and customer-first values—and found that Esri stood out as the leading candidate. Now, Esri location services power Salesforce Maps, the location intelligence solution from the world's number one CRM platform.

A map from Salesforce Maps that shows the locations of accounts in San Francisco and Oakland, California



SAP's developers can quickly build custom applications for their business needs thanks to easy access to world-class location services.

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