Illinois utility transforms hundreds of acres into pollinator habitat | Preserving the most beautiful places on Earth—and the most resilient

We can change minds, says the world’s most popular climate scientist
Techonomy: Dr. Katharine Hayhoe said that the most powerful tool we have in the fight against climate change is effective communication. The tech is here. It’s time to change hearts and minds. Read more.

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Illinois utility transforms hundreds of acres into pollinator habitat
Esri Blog: Commonwealth Edison (ComEd) plants two million milkweed seeds to make good on its pledge to convert more than 11,700 acres into high-value habitat for the monarch butterfly. Read more.

Preserving the most beautiful places on Earth—and the most resilient
Esri & The Science of Where Podcast: Mark Anderson, director of conservation science for The Nature Conservancy’s Center for Resilient Conservation Science, discusses the latest findings on climate change-resilient ecosystems.  Listen to the podcast.

How visualizing ice storm damage aided Salem’s emergency response
Esri Blog: The City of Salem, Oregon, staff used a map-based emergency management approach to collect and distribute information for prioritizing ice storm response measures. Read more.

Earth + Humans
SPAR Lab: Clinton Johnson, leader of Esri’s racial equity and social justice team and founder of GIS NorthStar, discusses the interactions of humans and the planet with University of California, Santa Barbara professor Trisalyn Nelson and Esri cofounders Jack and Laura Dangermond. Listen to the podcast.

Climate change and the future of work
Trajectory: A panel at the United States Geospatial Intelligence Foundation’s annual GEOINT 2022 Symposium discussed climate impact and the future of work. Read more.

Voice technology and location data transform community engagement
ArcNews: Esri startup partner and voice technology company Qwhery, Inc., developed myDurham 311, a tool that integrates with ArcGIS technology and is designed to help users access regional information through smart home devices. Read more.

Get to know your river
ArcNews: Aggregating data on waterways makes it easily accessible to the public. Read more.

Esri releases annual update of ready-to-use US Census Bureau data
IT Business Net: Esri released updated American Community Survey (ACS) data through the ArcGIS Living Atlas of the World. Read more.

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