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How mapping land rights advances peace | This map tracks the coronavirus in real time

How mapping land rights advances peace
Esri Blog: Colombia maps land rights as part of the peace process with the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC). Read more.

This map tracks the coronavirus in real time
CNN: An ArcGIS map from Johns Hopkins University's Center for Systems Science and Engineering follows coronavirus cases across the world.   Read more.

Playing traffic cop for drones in cities and towns
TechCrunch: Airspace Link integrates GIS tools used by municipal governments to provide information on ground-based risk. Read more.

Neighborhoods with a history of redlining are hotter on average
CityLab: Housing discrimination practices in the 1930s contributed to lack of cooling infrastructure and helps explain why poorer US neighborhoods experience more extreme heat. Read more.

The power of shared information for the Pacific Ocean
ArcNews: The prototype Pacific Ocean Accounting Portal demonstrates the value of consolidating data in an ArcGIS Hub site. Read more.

GIS drives superhighway to analytics future
InformationWeek: The 80-year-old Pennsylvania Turnpike is leveraging GIS to benefit many agency departments. Read more.

The promise of better governance through technology
Business Insider: Former Maryland governor Martin O'Malley advocates that governments use technology to give citizens better service. Read more.

A new analysis finds growing diversity in US cities
U.S. News & World Report: Nearly 70 percent of the country's largest cities are more racially and ethnically diverse than they were in 2010. Read more.

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