From ski resorts to supply chains, digital twins help businesses calculate risk | Making dynamic data accessible—GIS in Maryland

Look to the nonprofit sector to give older adults a lift
The Boston Globe: GIS is part of the solution of providing older adults with transportation that is vital. Read more.

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From ski resorts to supply chains, digital twins help businesses calculate risk
Forbes: Leaders from a variety of industries are building digital twins—virtual 3D and 4D replicas of operations, assets, and the relationships in space and time that tie them together—to see more clearly when making decisions. Read more.

Making dynamic data accessible—GIS in Maryland
Data-Smart City Solutions: Julia Fischer, Maryland's geographic information officer, and Maureen Regan, a deputy director at Maryland's Department of Health, discuss how a centralized GIS system prepared the state to handle the dynamic and rapidly changing COVID-19 pandemic. Listen to the podcast.

Exploring with GIS
Esri: National Geographic and Esri joined forces to produce a documentary mini-series about National Geographic Explorers who use GIS to take on the world. Watch videos.

Pandemic was a tipping point for government modernization
StateScoop: One net effect of the COVID-19 pandemic has been that governments are finally seeing digital services as vital as corporations have for years and that is accelerating their digital transformation. Read more.

View from above:The critical value of reality capture
Esri Industry Blogs: There is potential for orthorectified aerial photographs and 3D-textured meshes in GIS to help answer many current and pressing infrastructure challenges and ecological questions. Read more.

Sanitation district gains a new operational awareness to improve wastewater operations
Esri Blog: Hampton Roads Sanitation District (HRSD) created a digital twin for its Sustainable Water Initiative for Tomorrow (SWIFT) that replenishes the Potomac aquifer with up to 100 million gallons of SWIFT water per day, which may slow or reduce the impact of sea level rise by slowing land settling, or subsidence. Read more.

Why businesses need a dynamic framework for adaptive resilience
Esri Industry Blogs: Some organizations have thrived despite disruptions, such as the COVID-19 pandemic, because they developed core business functions on dynamic frameworks that empowered them to quickly adapt. Read more.

A giant in geospatial education
ArcWatch: GIS software has been vital for students studying at ETH Zürich’s Institute of Cartography and Geoinformation, which specializes in cutting-edge research related to mapping, GIS technology, and spatial analytics. Read more.

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