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How smart cities can leverage the power of digital twins | Entering the drone zone

As natural disasters become more frequent, dynamic location technology is more essential than ever
The Washington Post: GIS is uniquely capable of aggregating the data needed to respond to disasters swiftly and recover from disasters with maximum resiliency. Read more.

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How smart cities can leverage the power of digital twins
StateTech: Agencies can share data through virtual replicas and demonstrate the inner workings of municipal systems. Read more.

Entering the drone zone
Spatial Report: Drones are used to collect aerial imagery for GIS.  Listen to the podcast.

Interactive maps tell the story of modern risk mitigation in Florida
ArcUser: The Florida Division of Emergency Management (FDEM) uses interactive maps to fulfill the federal mandate for a disaster mitigation plan.  Read more.

Wisconsin: Using maps to tackle “forever chemicals"
Esri Blog: The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (Wisconsin DNR) created a tool to capture levels of dangerous chemicals in the water and guide remediation efforts. Read more.

GIS data solutions for the Nevada Department of Transportation
Highways Today: ArcGIS Hub was used to create a cohesive and open platform for the Nevada Department of Transportation data. Read more.

Real-time ecological monitoring protects endangered rhinos in Kenya
Esri Blog: By mapping wildlife populations, landscape viability, areas of conflict, and more, GIS provides Ol Pejeta Conservancy leadership with real-time data to inform decision-making. Read more.

Photogrammetric workflows for reality mapping with ArcGIS Pro
Geo Week News: ArcGIS Pro includes a reality mapping toolbox for managing and generating true orthos, digital surface models, 2.5D and 3D meshes, and point clouds.  Read more.

Geospatial infrastructure solutions for a more resilient nation
Geospatial World: Geospatial infrastructure has emerged as a cornerstone of modern governance and development. Read more.

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