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Is digital transformation still a thing? | Mapping the future of spatial computing

Geographic information systems with Jack Dangermond
Discovery Files Podcast: Watch this interview with Jack Dangermond on the role the US National Science Foundation has played in the development and growth of GIS.  Watch the video.

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Is digital transformation still a thing?
ArcUser: Digital transformation is about business transformation, and it is having a tremendous impact. Read more.

Mapping the future of spatial computing
Esri Blog: As spatial computing hits consumer devices, some of its most useful applications are enabled by GIS. Read more.

Texas city inventories water service line requirements
Esri Industry Blogs: The City of Plano, Texas, uses GIS to meet the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Lead and Copper Rule Revisions (LCRR) inventory requirements. Read more.

Harris Central Appraisal District integrates ArcGIS Parcel Fabric into yearly workflows
Esri: Harris County, Texas, uses GIS to efficiently perform 1.8 million property evaluations.  Read more.

Mapping a way to conservation: An interview with Jack Dangermond
Santa Barbara Independent: Esri cofounder Jack and Laura Dangermond, who donated $165 million to The Nature Conservancy to acquire and preserve Santa Barbara ranch, have underwritten numerous conservation efforts.  Read more.

Jane Goodall: GIS for science, education, and action
Esri: World famous conservationist Jane Goodall was an early adopter and innovative user of GIS to future her work on habitat preservation and primate studies.  Watch the video.

COP28 attendees see changes on the horizon for AEC industry
Cadalyst: COP28 UN Climate Change Conference focused on increasing the use of renewable energy sources, reducing embodied carbon in construction, and making future buildings more energy efficient. Read more.

The importance of geodetic reference frames
GIM International: A precise global reference is needed to accurately measure and respond to the effects of sea level rise.  Read more.

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