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How current technology trends are changing retail | Esri adds an emphasis on social science

The geospatial revolution is just beginning
Geospatial World: Next generation managers, analysts, and executives see the value of the geographic approach for managing our world. Read more.

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How current technology trends are changing retail
Esri & The Science of Where Podcast: Successful retailers use location data and analytics to predict and respond to business disruptions and opportunities.  Listen to podcast.

Esri adds an emphasis on social science
ArcNews: There is a major need to strengthen the awareness of geographic information science (GIScience) principles among social scientists. Read more.

How geography is embedded in our everyday lives
Directions Magazine: Geography has become more fundamental to our world in the last 20 years.  Read more.

Are local governments leaving billions on the table?
Governing: By undervaluing publicly owned assets, jurisdictions are missing out on enormous opportunities to help citizens and their communities. Read more.

GeoAI for damage assessment in the wake of a disaster
Geographical Thinking: Maya Kucharczyk, a 2022 Esri Young Scholar Award winner, describes her research in automating roof damage assessment after disasters. Listen to podcast.

Esri GIS helps identify gaps in mental health service provision
Directions Magazine: The Association of Mental Health Providers (AMHP) created the first complete picture of mental health service across England, via an interactive map.  Read more.

Digital project delivery with BIM and GIS
Arcadis: Autodesk and Esri have formed a strategic alliance to bring together the power of BIM and GIS, which unlocks innovation and enhances project delivery. Watch video.

NACo GIS guide emphasizes best practices and advantages
StateTech: The National Association of Counties (NACo) offers insights into applications for geospatial information for local governments. Read more.

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