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A Letter from Jack Dangermond

These maps tell many stories and show how creative cartography and spatial analytics are being used to create understanding and communicate this understanding effectively. Although some of the maps are simple, most of them are based on large databases and make use of sophisticated GIS tools to manipulate the data.

GIS is becoming a common and popular platform for most organizations. It provides not only visual insights and understanding but also whole new ways for collaboration. 

A new pattern of GIS known as Web GIS is emerging. This new paradigm leverages web services and can be used to easily make maps from distributed geographic information of nearly any format. Web GIS is enabling geographic information to be easily shared and directly used in apps that support many operations and run anywhere.

Today, billions of GIS web maps are used to communicate a story. This is creating a new visual language. The result is the reach of GIS is expanding far beyond the domain of GIS professionals. 

More people are tapping into the power of GIS and making the kinds of maps and analytics shown in this book.

I want to thank the contributors to Esri Map Book Volume 33 for sharing their work. Their efforts provide important examples of what’s possible and can inspire all of us to do better. 

Warm regards,

Jack Dangermond