Cartography. The Definitive Guide to Making Maps

By Kenneth Field

A comprehensive, one-stop-shop cartography guide, Cartography. serves as a reference and an inspiration for anyone who is required to make a map, but it does so using a modern visual style.

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Winner of the 2019 International Cartographic Conference – Educational Products award

A lavishly illustrated reference guide, Cartography. by Kenneth Field is an inspiring and creative companion along the nonlinear journey toward making a great map. This sage compendium for contemporary mapmakers distills the essence of cartography into useful topics, organized for convenience in finding the specific idea or method you need. Unlike books targeted to deep scholarly discourse of cartographic theory, this book provides sound, visually compelling information that translates into practical and useful tools for modern mapmaking. At the intersection of science and art, this book serves as a guidepost for designing an accurate and effective map.

Kenneth Field
Dr. Kenneth Field is a winner of numerous cartographic awards for his original maps as well as his writing. His work has been recognized by numerous peer-reviewed bodies for its quality. Ken teaches and presents keynotes on cartographic design widely.

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