Measuring Up: The Business Case for GIS, Volume 3

By Cory Fleming, Christopher Thomas, Shannon Valdizon

Measuring Up: The Business Case for GIS, Volume 3 is a collection of all-new, updated, real-world stories from government agencies that illustrated how GIS can affect agencies bottom line.

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Measuring Up: The Business Case for GIS, Volume 3 Cover

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How do leaders and innovators drive change and improvement?

Governments often depend on a geographic context for making major decisions, sharing information, and expanding its operations. When organizations face the need for change from a drastic event, such as economic downturns or a pandemic, how do they maintain the quality of their day-to-day operations while continuing to find solutions to existing and new problems?

Many governments and professionals turn to geographic information systems (GIS). Using GIS and location intelligence produces more informed, data-driven decisions, which lead to improved outcomes.

Measuring Up: The Business Case for GIS, Volume 3 is a third book in the Measuring Up series demonstrating how government agencies have embraced GIS as a critical infrastructure in their processes. Through a collection of all-new, updated, real-world stories, each chapter covers how GIS helps organizations in saving time, saving money, avoiding cost, increasing accuracy, improving productivity, increasing efficiency, automating workflows, managing resources, and aiding in budgeting. Readers can look to this new collection as a model for working through their organization’s new challenge or to understand the business value of introducing GIS into their organization.

Measuring Up: The Business Case for GIS, Volume 3 explores how organizations can continue to move forward using GIS as not just a tool but necessary to the solution.

Cory Fleming
Cory Fleming is a senior project manager with the International City/County Management Association (ICMA).

Christopher Thomas
Christopher Thomas is the director of government marketing at Esri. He is a subject matter expert in government, technology, geographic information systems, marketing, and global business development. His books include GIS for Decision Support and Public Policy Making, Standards for Success: GIS for Federal Progress and Accountability, and Building a Smarter Community: GIS for State and Local Government.

Shannon Valdizon
Shannon Valdizon is the state and local government marketing lead on the Esri Industry Solutions team. She works with government strategists to identify emerging trends in government and GIS across the globe.


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