Valuing Place and Purpose: GIS for Land Administration

By Brent Jones, Keith Mann

Valuing Place and Purpose: GIS for Land Administration shows how GIS is used to visualize, analyze, and administer land and property information, define acceptable use, conserve vulnerable landscapes, and protect disadvantaged communities and indigenous people.

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Modern land administration applies geospatial thinking to better understand and plan the proper use, conservation, and equitable use of land and property.

Location intelligence is changing the way land administration works to protect and maintain appropriate land use and achieve better economic, environmental, and social benefits. The real-life stories in Valuing Place and Purpose: GIS for Land Administration show how communities, government agencies, nonprofits, and other organizations implement geographic information systems (GIS) in four key areas:

  • Visualizing parcels and property
  • Managing land use
  • Strengthening climate and conservation efforts
  • Addressing land rights, equity, and social justice

The book also includes a special section to help readers get started using web apps, online maps, dashboards, and other GIS solutions to represent and understand the value of land and property and efficiently manage, edit, and share land parcel data more accurately.

Brent Jones 
Brent Jones is the global manager for land records and cadastre at Esri. He is responsible for strategic industry planning, business development, risk analysis, and marketing, focusing on high accuracy GIS, advanced surveying data management, civil engineering, cadastre, land records, and land registration in the developing world.

Keith Mann 
Keith Mann is a principal content strategist for Esri Press. He is a writer and contributor to books such as the GIS for Science series and the Applying GIS series.

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